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Datang Xuanhua PV Power Generation Affordable Internet Pilot Project held groundbreaking ceremony

2024-4-18 19:31:16

In the morning of April 18th, Datang Xuanhua PV Power Generation Affordable Internet Pilot Project constructed by Power Transmission Engineering Company held a groundbreaking ceremony, which was attended by local government leaders, owner’s representatives and supervisors.

At the ceremony, the owner’s representative announced the official start of the project, and introduced the project situation and objectives, he asked the construction unit to always adhere to the principle of "safety first", to ensure that the safety risk of each engineering link can be controlled; strict quality of the project, seriously implement the "four excellent project" requirements, and make every effort to build a high-quality project. "requirements, to create high-quality infrastructure projects; strengthen communication and collaboration to ensure that the project is completed on time; pay attention to environmental protection, to ensure that the project construction and environmental protection and harmonious coexistence.

Li Ming, deputy general manager of Transmission Engineering Company, made a statement as a representative of the construction side, he said, we will scientifically integrate management, optimize the allocation of resources, and devote ourselves to the construction of the project with pragmatic and efficient tempo, strictly control the safety of the construction through strengthening supervision and implementing responsibility, strictly control the quality of the construction through serious system and standardized procedures, and grasp the progress of the construction through careful organization and reasonable arrangement. With a high degree of responsibility and first-class construction capacity, we will strive to build high-quality projects to fulfill customers’ wishes and deepen cooperation and friendship.

Finally, the representative of the government department made a speech, he said that this project is Xuanhua District to speed up the new energy industry development and construction of a major initiative, the local government will focus on resources, efforts, efforts to solve problems and difficulties, to provide a good environment for the construction of the project, to ensure that the project is completed smoothly.

Datang Xuanhua photovoltaic power generation grid parity pilot project with a total size of 50 MW, is expected to provide an annual average of 97.86 million kilowatt-hours of clean electricity after completion, will further improve the regional energy structure, promote regional economic development, contribute to the inexhaustible power.