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Laoling 100MW Fishing and Light Complementary Distributed Photovoltaic Project Xiaobai Zhangzi Project is connected to the grid for power generation

2024-3-18 20:35:47

On March 17, Xiao baizhang sub-project of Laoling 100MW Fish-light complementary distributed photovoltaic EPC project was connected to the grid, and the realization of this important milestone node laid a solid foundation for the full capacity grid-connected of subsequent projects.

Laoling 100MW Fish-light complementary distributed photovoltaic EPC project located in Laoling City, Dezhou City, distributed in a number of villages and towns, using of fish ponds for construction, the total installed capacity is 100MWp, the installed capacity of Xiao baizhang sub-project is 5.84MWp. This project combines the two major industries of photovoltaic and fishery to form a model of "on-board generating electricity and off-board farming", realizing the mutual integration and complementarity of aquaculture and photovoltaic power generation.

In the process of construction, the project performance team overcame the great challenges actively brought by the difficulty of water construction and material transportation, coordinated the resources actively, designed the construction plan carefully, and took measures such as water digging and piling according to the characteristics of water photovoltaic projects to ensure that the construction quality of pipe pile foundation were stable installation of photovoltaic brackets and components on the water surface. At the same time, the project team communicated with the local government actively, solved the problems of temporary land rental, road coordination, environmental protection and other aspects, and realized the grid-connected power generation goal of Xiao baizhang sub-project successfully.

In the next step, the project execution team of SEPCOIII Solar Power Engineering Company will make efforts to improve the level of project management, strengthen communication and collaboration with the relevant parties, solve various problems timely in the construction process, ensure the smooth progress of the project as planned, and go all out to promote the realization of the project’s full-capacity power generation goal.