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Zhao Qiming visited Mengneng Jinshan Project

2024-3-13 21:09:54

On the afternoon of March 13, Zhao Qiming, Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager of SEPCOIII, visited Mengneng Jinshan Project.

Zhao Qiming in-depth construction site, the main plant, boiler, combination field and other areas of focus inspection, and then in the project conference room organized the project team and departments, professional leaders of the forum, listened to the project leader on the progress of the project report. Zhao Qiming affirmed the achievements made in the safe and civilized construction of the site and progress control, and put forward specific requirements for the next step:

First, attach great importance to the great significance of the construction of Mengneng Jinshan project, and implement the planning plan in place. Through high-quality performance of the contract, show the company’s high-level management ability and staff quality, enhance brand influence, and create conditions and lay the foundation for the company to further explore the Inner Mongolia market.

Second, consolidate the security foundation and effectively promote security compliance. Through the implementation of the "four responsibility systems", the adoption of information management means, continue to enhance the awareness of production safety of all employees, in-depth investigation and management of hidden dangers, and actively implement safety.

Third, we should focus on smart management and strictly control risks. Implement the win-win-win concept of "win in advance, win in doing, and win after", promote the participation of all members and the whole process in cost control, improve the operational awareness of all employees, accumulate claim materials, and implement risk control measures.

Fourth, strengthen personnel training and create a harmonious team. All employees should maintain a modest learning attitude and a "high strict fine and solid" work style, complete the project work with high quality, and identify the position according to the company’s "2+5 talent project", improve personal ability, and contribute to the long-term development of the company.

Fifth, strengthen clean employment to ensure healthy development. It is important to grasp the "key minority" to drive the "vast majority", promote the coordinated implementation of "two responsibilities" and "one post and two responsibilities", resolutely hold the legal bottom line, the red line of discipline and the high line of ethics, and do a good job in clean employment.

During the meeting, Zhao Qiming held talks with Yao Junwei and Li Junyi of Jinshan No. 3 Thermal Power Company, and the two sides had in-depth exchanges on the node promotion, engineering excellence and deepening cooperation of the Mengneng Jinshan project, creating good conditions for the efficient implementation of the project.

The relevant personnel of the company participated in the on-site inspection.