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Zhao Qiming meets with Liu Shengjin

2024-3-7 20:10:59

On the afternoon of March 7, Zhao Qiming, Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager of SEPCOIII, held talks with Liu Shengjin, Chairman and General Manager of Chuantou (Luzhou) Gas Power Generation Co., LTD., and Zhang Jianping, Dputy General Manager of Chuantou (Luzhou) Gas Power Generation Co., LTD., and Ren Jianhui, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of SEPCOIII, attended the meeting.

Zhao Qiming welcomed Liu Shengjin’s arrival, thanked Chuantou (Luzhou) Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd. for its trust and support, and introduced the company’s development history, engineering performance and international business capabilities. He said that the smooth promotion of the Sichuan investment Luzhou project is the result of close unity, joint efforts and close cooperation between the two sides. The company headquarters will continue to give full play to the efficiency of "service, guidance, supervision and coordination", continue to optimize resource allocation, fully help the project execution team to perform efficiently and work together to create high-quality projects. At the same time, it is hoped that the two sides will expand deep-level and high-level cooperation in various fields and achieve new results in promoting high-quality development through new cooperation.

Liu Shengjin fully affirmed and highly appreciated the achievements of the projects under construction, expressed his sincere thanks to the hard work of SEPCOIII, and introduced the business layout and future strategic planning of Chuantou (Luzhou) Gas Power Generation Co., LTD. He said that SEPCOIII has high management level and strong comprehensive strength, and the projects under construction between the two sides are important power points for Sichuan to "meet the peak of summer and meet the peak of winter". It is hoped that SEPCOIII will further give play to its unique advantages, achieve the coordinated promotion of design progress, construction progress and delivery progress, and complete the established node targets, hoping that both sides will share development opportunities and achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

Chuan Tou (Luzhou) Gas Power Generation Co., LTD., China Power Engineering Consulting Group Southwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., LTD., and SEPCOIII relevant personnel attended the meeting.