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Mr. Ni Ruchi visited Bahrain Alba Power Station 5, Block 4, CCGT to inspect and guide the work.

2024-3-8 17:17:59

On the afternoon of March 7, Ambassador Mr. Ni Ruchi and his delegation visited Bahrain Alba Power Station 5, Block 4, CCGT to inspect and guide the work.

The project team extended a warm welcome to Ambassador Mr. Ni Ruchi and his delegation, and then the two sides exchanged views in the reception room. Mr. Cao Shuping, the project director, gave a detailed introduction to the Ambassador from the aspects of project schedule management, safety management, quality management and subcontractor management. Mr. Ni Ruchi said that the high standard and high-quality construction of the project fully demonstrated the strong power station construction strength of SEPCOIII, and made outstanding contributions to further enhancing the visibility and influence of Chinese enterprises in Bahrain. At the same time, Mr. Ni Ruchi conveyed to the project the relevant requirements of project safety and personnel stability maintenance during the "Two sessions". Mr. Cao Shuping said on behalf of the project that the project team would strictly implement the requirements of the embassy and the company, do a solid job in project construction safety management and personnel safety and stability, and ensure the efficient and stable progress of the project.

During the visit, accompanied by the project team, Mr. Ni Ruchi visited the project site in depth and highly praised the achievements made by the domestic equipment in the promotion and application of the project.