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Zhao Qiming meets with Chen Kai

2024-2-6 20:40:37

On the morning of February 6, Zhao Qiming, Secretary of party committee,chairman and president of SEPCOIII, and Chen Kai, President of State Grid Qingdao Power Supply Company, held talks in Conference Room 503, and the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on further strengthening cooperation and jointly witnessed the signing of a cooperation agreement. State grid qingdao power supply company vice president Sun Xiao, Duan Hongbo, the company’s party committee members, Vice president Liu Fangjiang and Ren Jianhui attended the meeting.

Zhao Qiming welcomed Chen Kai’s arrival, and introduced the basic situation of the company and the company’s core advantages in internationalization, the whole EPCO industry chain, solar thermal ,sea water and other aspects, and the specialized advantages of branches and subsidiaries. He said that the State grid qingdao power supply company is one of the country’s large power supply enterprises, scale advantages and technical advantages are obvious in the power grid construction , SEPCOIII in the field of power construction has advanced management system and rich international management experience, the future will be based in Qingdao, radiation Shandong, to further deepen the domestic market, the two sides have broad prospects for cooperation, hope to achieve complementary advantages in multiple fields, Build a comprehensive cooperative relationship and jointly create a new situation for the development of central enterprises.

Chen Kai thanked SEPCOIII for its strong support in the past year, and looked forward to the future cooperation prospects of the two sides. He said that SEPCOIII as an internationally renowned EPC general contractor, the whole process of the project control ability is strong, hope that the two sides can give full play to their advantages, strong joint, conduct in-depth discussion for the construction of new power systems such as new energy technology, information technology and dispatch system , jointly promote the establishment of standard mode and supporting policies, market improvement; At the same time, we will continue to strengthen multi-field, deep and all-round cooperation in the aspects of conventional design and construction projects and emerging business development, so as to achieve collective development and mutual benefit and win-win.

At the meeting, Sun Xiao and Liu Fangjiang signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of the two companies. Going forward, the two sides will continue to enhance communication and exchanges, deepen mutual understanding and trust, and jointly promote high-quality sustainable development.

Chen Kai and his party also visited the corporate culture exhibition hall and learned about the company’s development history, corporate honors, and main business in detail.

The relevant personnel of State Grid Qingdao Power Supply Company and the relevant personnel of the company’s headquarters and branches attended the meeting.